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random: rings on the fingers of dandelions [Sep. 8th, 2005|03:31 pm]
I think i'm going brain dead, though i can't really tell because if my brain is dying it's not capable of deciphering if it is going dead. I was going to write about something but i can't remember what it is. I feel like i'm 80 years old. i have more chem homework to do tonight, but it's not that bad. and spanish homework. good lord i hate that class. i don't remember anything from spanish 1 like i'm supposed to. anyone know the days, months, and common sports/activities in espanol? i have to work tomorrow after school. i hope we're slow so i can paint a bowl for Barb. i'm reading Fight Club now. i really like it so far. The movie was amazing. yea, not much else to say.