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and now i'm back, from outerspace... - Merry meet and blessed be. As we gather, so we'll be. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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and now i'm back, from outerspace... [Sep. 1st, 2005|09:21 am]
Wow. i almost forgot how to write in this thing seeing as i haven't done it for so long. so, nothing new really. i've been working like a mother all summer and only got to go up to the cabin four times this summer, as opposed to the rest of my family who would abandon me at home and go have a good time.
i bought a violin on e-bay but i haven't played violin since fourth grade so i have absolutely no clue what i am doing. but it's blue! the violin i mean. like a sky blue crayola crayon. and the case is new so it smells all important.
school starts tomorrow *drops to the floor in agony, dies, than comes back to life to continue writing in livejournal*. i'm kind of confused by my schedule. i signed up for spanish 1 because the last time i spoke spanish was three years ago, so i thought i should take the course over again, but they (they as in the conspirators of our so called "education") signed me up for spanish 2. oh well, i guess i'll have to make the best of it. Me gusta el pastel de queso. I like the cake of cheese. i remember that at least. and they decided not to give me a lunch first semester. i don't know how that happened. it's like some cruel diet. i guess i'll have to make the best of that as well. if worst comes to worst i'll just pass out in calculus.
my goal today is to finish the book i'm reading, Honey, Baby, Sweetheart which is about this girl Ruby who falls for this bad guy with a motorcycle yada yada stuff involved and some really cool old people and a dog named Poe.