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Merry meet and blessed be. As we gather, so we'll be.



tenacious d - tribute

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last thing i ate: lime popsicle
thing i heard: "how does it feel to marry weird?"---my dad
show i watched: that 70s show
person i yelled at: mom
reason i cursed: my mom was nagging me about money issues
thing i drank: apple juice
person i talked to: dog
person i annoyed: dunno
movie i bought: benchwarmers
movie i saw: frighteners
book i read: in her shoes
thing i bought with my own money: a coat
picture i took:

time i updated this: 9/o1/o5

I've never really had one of these before, so i can guarentee you that this one's going to suck, but you are free to stop reading.....whenever you want.....any time soon....OR...you can read some crap about me:
grade: junior
music: yes please! any kind
books: yes please again. mostly realistic fiction and fantasy, so if you know of any good books, let me know
movies: most recent bought dvds: Empire Records and Grind (quote from grind: "I'll snap your neck like a glow stick!", Queen of the Damned

can't think of anything else to add except that my foot has fallen asleep because my dog is sleeping on it.

oh, and that i think it would be awsome if i could add something here so deep and influential that it connects with anyone who reads it and makes them think 'wow', but i guess you need some sort of special talent for that so i will just say that i like the color green instead...and cheese is good.